Survival of the Fittest in the Digital Age

Powered by technology, we live in an increasingly elaborate and fast-moving global society. With trends bubbling and fading as quickly as tweets, consumer behavior is more mutable and supply chains more dynamic than ever before. Such transformations determine the health and fate of companies and economies worldwide.

Big Data Hunting

Rapidly shifting trends give rise to a growing abundance of information. Such vast amounts of data require capturing, cleaning, aggregating, retrieving, mapping, and connecting before they can be analyzed.

Humans Alone are Helpless

Making sense of mass information creates significant analytical challenges and requires advanced and dynamic methodologies. Spreadsheets and traditional statistical models alone are simply not powerful enough.

We Connect the Dots

Our home grown, scalable, and smart data platform continuously processes and interconnects tens of billions of data records daily from a diverse and growing number of data sources.

Leveraging the Machines

Our advanced proprietary algorithms generate fundamentals predictions for a company and its ecosystem – including customers, competitors, suppliers, partners and its macroeconomy. Algorithms use these predictions to make investment decisions and manage portfolios.


Billion Data Points Processed Daily


Companies Predicted


Industries Predicted


Economies Predicted