A new financial trajectory

Big Data Federation is one of a new breed of asset managers on a quest to reinvent the investment process. We are unburdening humans of the manual job of making sense of endlessly growing volumes of data, and passing this responsibility onto machines. We believe our automated processes bring significant efficiencies to uncovering company fundamentals and driving fund outperformance.

We live by the motto “Nothing is random”.

Connecting the dots

Powered by technology, we live in an increasingly fast-moving global society. With trends bubbling and fading as quickly as tweets, consumer behavior is more mutable and supply chains more dynamic than ever before.

Rapidly shifting trends give rise to growing swathes of data which require machinery to constantly capture, cleanse, aggregate, retrieve, map, and connect.

Our home grown, scalable, and smart data platform continuously processes and interconnects tens of billions of data records daily from a diverse and growing number of publicly-available data sources.

Humans alone are helpless

Making sense of mass intelligence creates significant analytical challenges and requires advanced and dynamic methodologies. Spreadsheets and traditional statistical models alone are simply not powerful enough.

Leveraging the machines

Our advanced proprietary algorithms generate fundamentals predictions for companies, industries, and global economies. These predictions are employed in making automated short- and long-term investment decisions for our funds.


Billion Data Points Processed Daily


Companies Predicted


Industries Predicted


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