Software Engineer

Location: Chisinau, Moldova

Employment type: Regular full time

Company:  Big Data Federation uses machine learning to predict financial and economic performance for our investment fund and to advise Fortune 100 companies.  We fuel our predictions with massive amounts of interconnected data, from the company to the macroeconomy level.  Our AI prediction tool identifies latent macroeconomic risks, industry inflections, and fundamentals investment opportunities.  We are a venture-backed team of technologists, mathematicians, economists, data scientists, and programmers.

Job Profile: As a data engineer, you will join an experienced and diverse team of software engineers and data scientists as a key contributor to our predictive analytics platform, where you will be responsible for ingesting new data sources into our data platform.

  • You will develop/maintain the docker-based data platform to ingest data from external sources and validate/store it in our cloud (centralized databases and distributed stores), and serve it up to applications (centralized and distributed) through internal APIs

  • You will develop a new application platform to sit on top of the data platform to make available applications performing higher-level algorithmic operations on data via ingested data APIs. The work could be focused on back-end or front-end, although full stack is preferable

  • You will create and maintain docker-based microservices API (nodejs/express) * Write data ingestion modules from external sources (nodejs/python or java)

We particularly seek passionate, data-oriented candidates who are eager to learn new skills, and to mentor their colleagues in areas where they themselves excel.


  • Bachelor’s or higher degree in computer science, or an engineering/math/statistics/science discipline with a strong CS component.

  • Python and MySQL are required.  Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, Java, AWS and ECS are a plus.

  • Experience creating restful APIs Qualifications

  • Experience working with databases (mysql)

  • Experience in using Docker is an important advantage

  • Experience working with or understanding the architecture of AWS/ECS services is a plus

  • Agile development, continuous integration and test-driven design a plus

  • Experience creating and consuming RESTful APIs is an important advantage


We offer attractive industry-level salaries, based on performance/experience, level and skills, as well as paid time off.

Please send a cover letter and your CV to