Sometimes it’s better to bite into the chicken WING than into the AAPL.

Wingstop’s (WING) revenue is growing 42% annually making it the fastest growing publicly-traded restaurant chain in the U.S. Charging almost $1 per wing, this company’s gross margin runs close to that of enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS) companies, and soars higher than many other technology firms such as Apple, Intel, Cisco, ServiceNow, and Splunk.

Since its IPO in 2015, Wingstop’s stock has been growing a winging 171%, beating not only the S&P500 information technology sector (72%), but the whole S&P500 (33%), and NASDAQ100 (49%).

Chicken wings are a hot commodity among Americans. During the 2019 Super Bowl weekend, an all-time high of 1.38 billion wings were chomped down by Americans according to the National Chicken Council.

It’s not only humans that like chicken wings. Our machines have also developed a taste – having discovered and predicted Wingstop’s fundamentals far before it started to take flight in 2017.

Disclaimer: We are not recommending buying this company and we currently have no ownership in this company.


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